At Rabroz Group, we strive to provide excellent service and ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that circumstances may change, and sometimes our customers may need to cancel their plan or request a refund. To address such situations, we have established the following refund and cancellation policy:

Refund Eligibility:

Customers are eligible for a refund if the following conditions are met:

a. The request for a refund is made within 7 days of the plan purchase date.

b. No plan benefits have been used by the customer during the plan period.

Refund Process:

To request a refund, customers must contact our customer service department via phone within the specified 7-day period. Our dedicated representatives will guide you through the process and assist you with any queries you may have. Customers can contact our customer service department for assistance in initiating the cancellation process.

Refund Amount:

Upon verification of eligibility, the refund amount will be determined based on the amount paid by the customer, less any applicable administrative fees or charges. These charges may vary depending on the specific plan and individual circumstances.

Refund Timeline:

We strive to process refunds in a timely manner. Once the refund request is received and approved, the refund will be issued using the original payment method, or an alternative method agreed upon by the customer and Rabroz Group. The timeline for the refund to be credited back to the customer's account may vary depending on the payment provider and other factors beyond our control.

Plan Termination:

In case of a refund or cancellation, the plan will be considered terminated. Any benefits, coverage, or services associated with the plan will cease to be applicable.


Please note that this refund and cancellation policy applies only to eligible policies as mentioned in point 1. Plans that have benefits filed within the specified 7-day period or plans that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be eligible for a refund or cancellation.

Modification and Updates:

Rabroz Group reserves the right to modify or update this refund and cancellation policy at any time, without prior notice. It is the customer's responsibility to review the most recent version of the plan available on our website or contact our customer service department for any updates or changes.

Customer Responsibilities:

We encourage all our customers to carefully review the plan terms and conditions before purchasing any product. It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate information during the plan application process. Any misrepresentation or omission of relevant details may affect the eligibility for a refund or cancellation.


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Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the Website, Software and Services;

Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded/transmitted by you via the Website, Software or Services;

Issue of a warning to you;

Legal proceedings against you for reimbursement of all costs on an indemnity basis (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breach;

Further legal action against you;

Disclosure of such information to the law enforcement authorities as Rabroz Group reasonably feels is necessary.

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